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The temperature might be mild today, but the cold days of winter are not that far off.  And with the frigid weather comes the risk of a freeze-up incident in your home that could lead to a split or burst pipe.  Such an event represents the very real possibility of enormous—and enormously costly—property damage, especially if the house will be unoccupied for any length of time.  Two innovations that have become Increasingly popular to reduce the risk of freeze-up incidents are permanently installed whole-house generators and automatic water shut-off systems.

A whole-house generator turns on at the loss of power and runs lights, alarms, and all other home systems.  Especially important to avoiding a freeze-up, this type of generator also ensures that the furnace remains powered and able to maintain an inside temperature of at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Meeting this reasonable standard of care represents the best approach to eliminate or mitigate a freeze-up incident in your home.

An appropriate automatic water shut-off system—known as a flow system—monitors typical water use, circulation, and pressure.  It employs a flow sensor to detect leaks and shut off the main water valve, and it monitors pipes, plumbing fixtures, and connected apparatus in all areas of a home.  Battery back-up ensures that monitoring will continue even during a power outage, minimizing any water damage.

Here at The Barnstable, we recognize that a whole house generator and an automatic water shut-off system, professionally installed and in compliance with local building codes, are investments in the value of your property.  We are pleased to offer an additional incentive in the form of premium creditfive-percent for a generator and ten percent for a water shut-off system.  If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your independent agent or a member of The Barnstable team.