Premium payment plans

10 Installments

Break your premium into 10 installments when you sign up for our free Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)  installment plan. Once you've given us authorization, we will automatically withdraw your payment from a checking or statement savings account - eliminating paper bills! To sign up for this free service, simply print and complete the EFT form and return it to our office with a voided check.

4 Installments

We also offer a traditional payment plan allowing up to four months to pay the annual premium in full by check or credit/debit card. There is no charge for this installment plan. When the first invoice arrives by mail, pay at least the minimum amount due by the due date, and you will automatically be scheduled to receive your future installment bills by mail. We encourage you to use our website to create an account so that you can securely make credit card payments online. If you have any questions, please contact your agent for assistance.